About Us

Big Picture Property Investment is a company focused on educating, coaching and guiding property investors throughout their investment journey.

As experienced property investors ourselves, we understand the needs and concerns of our clients, starting from baseline theory through to complex, multi-property portfolio development, and the associated processes and professional services required for success.

Drawing from our military backgrounds, we aim to deliver an experience which minimises risk through common-sense, macro-level analysis and decision making, at all stages throughout your portfolio development. We are at your side from start to finish – wherever and whenever you decide that finish should be.

Ben Clayton

Investment Strategist and Acquisitions Manager

Ben Clayton began his investment journey in 2003, and continues to develop his portfolio guided by the principles and procedures of Big Picture Property Investment.

He served for more than a decade as a Reconnaissance Helicopter Pilot in the Australian Army, with operational deployments to East Timor and Afghanistan, and an exchange posting with the United States Army 101st Airborne Division. Throughout his military aviation career, Ben learnt a great deal about risk management, and applies this to his investment strategies and to the guidance he gives to clients.

Since leaving the Army in December 2013, Ben has worked in the property investment industry, developing a thorough understanding of the factors that affect property acquisitions and investment performance. He has also nurtured numerous professional relationships throughout the property industry, which allows for open and honest communications between builders, professional services providers and clients, to ensure all aspects of your portfolio development are handled efficiently and effectively.

Mike Quinn

Investment Strategist and
Process Manager

Mike Quinn is originally from Adelaide. 

Having spent 14 years in the Australian Defence Force, a further 10 years in the Department of Defence, and another 7 years in non for profit organisations, Mike has a strong sense of value, integrity and loyalty. Mike’s investment journey began when he was 18 and has spanned over 26 years. He has experienced the pitfalls and the wins during that time, and leant many lessons along the way.

His current portfolio has allowed him to successfully achieve his financial goals, and provide freedom for himself and his family. Mike made the decision to move into property investment and education full time in order to share his learning and help others achieve the same success he has.

Nick Shaw

Property Investment Coach

Nick Shaw is originally a Brisbane boy who joined the Army at 17 looking for adventure. He spent 19 years in full-time service posted throughout Australia. Nick also deployed several times in a variety of roles to both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Early in his investment journey, Nick had to learn the hard way, some of the common mistakes of novice property investors. Knowing that property investment could provide great financial outcomes if coupled with knowledge and due diligence, these hurdles only inspired him to seek out further education.

Nick went on to gain formal qualifications in Real Estate and Financial Planning which, together with his background in Mechanical Engineering, drives his analytical approach to property investment and has enabled him to achieve a good balance between his investment goals and family life.

Nick Shaw is excited to be sharing his passion for property investment and experience with you while assisting you on your journey towards your financial goals.

Kassandra Bailey

Customer Experience Manager

Kassandra is the Customer Experience Manager at Big Picture Property Investment. She provides all administrative support to the business and ensures customer satisfaction is at the forefront of her work.

Prior to joining Big Picture Property Investment, Kassandra resided in Toowoomba. She graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing in 2012 and gained a scholarship to study a Bachelor of Midwifery, which she completed in 2015. Looking for a sea change, the opportunity to work in property investment presented itself to Kassandra which she took as a new challenge, and hasn’t looked back!

Kassandra has extensive experience in all administrative tasks, including scheduling and correspondence. Having worked in the nursing and midwifery environment, she attributes her attention to detail, caring nature and ability to interact directly with clients to her experience in this field. Kassandra is able to tailor her skills to meet the needs of all clients and looks forward to working with you.

Pete Coster

Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist

Pete Coster grew up in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne before joining the Australian Army at the age of 17. Pete was allocated as an Armoured Vehicle Driver and quickly posted to Townsville. In 1999 and 2002, Pete was deployed to East Timor as part of the peace keeping missions. Upon return from these missions, Pete quickly began investing in property.

Pete created Big Picture Property Investment to share his experiences with other potential and existing property investors; aiming to help them avoid common mistakes and misunderstandings. Pete has helped many first time property investors into the property investment market, and has helped existing property investors to grow their portfolio quickly and safely.

Pete prides himself on taking a down to earth approach to property investment and making sure that potential investors understand how to manage risk while their property portfolios are performing.

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